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- Tour Guide -

In La Paz, you can pay at the most places in USD$ and get Mexican pesos in return. You can also get local currency at the ATM machines. To change USD$ at the bank, we recommend Banorte, they have the best exchange rates. To change your money, you must present your passport. Local restaurants, transportation and activities are quite inexpensive. A dinner can cost you from 10-45 USD$ per person including wine and margaritas. Transport from Costa Baja Resort to the town of La Paz is 120 pesos (about USD 7). The best rate for car rental is at Thrifty, the smallest car Nissan March is available at about 700 pesos (about USD$ 35) per day including full insurance coverage.

End of April, the weather in La Paz is around 30ºC during the day and can drop to about 18ºC at night. The ocean temperature is around 24ºC and rainfall is very unlikely. Make sure to pack lots of sunscreen!

- La Paz -

La Paz is the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur and an important regional commercial center.

Places of Interest
The Malecón of La Paz is a magnificent 4-mile long beachfront boardwalk with excellent beaches, open air markets, museums, art galleries, fine and casual dining, nightclubs, and entertainment centers.


The amazing sunsets of La Paz are already famous worldwide and every evening families, “paceños” and visitors, dress up the Malecón of La Paz with their presence, only to witness the breathtaking colors of the sky when the sun sets on the horizon, while they jog, ride in rollerblades, and bicycles, or simply walk along eating an ice-cream. The Malecón is without a doubt the heart of La Paz and a perfect place to appreciate the tranquility, natural beauty and harmony that only a paradise on earth can give. As well along the way you can find several air market stores for La Paz traditional souvenirs.

- Beaches -

One of La Paz’s key signature features is its pristine beaches. White sand, calm and bright blue oceans surround your vacation weather it’s with your family, friends or couple. La Paz has managed to avoid the crowds and noise due to its natural, coastal surroundings . When you are lying on the sand or swimming in the ocean, you truly experience a level of relaxation that only an unspoiled destination like La Paz can offer. Balandra Beach
Balandra Beach

For serenity and total relaxation lovers, Balandra Beach is the spot to be. It's known worldwide for its spectacular views of flawless white sand mountains and pristine bright blue ocean. The only noise you can hear in Balandra Beach is the splashdown of getting in the water. Another key feature about this beach that makes it very famous is that you can practically walk a mile to the other side. A paradise so close... This is the most famous beach in La Paz, because of it´s rock formation known as “El Hongo” on a shape of a mushroom. It’s very calm, shallow and warm, but you should watch out for rays, which bury themselves in quiet water and will sting you if you step on them. They are seen more frequently on cloudy days and after it rains. It is recommended that you shuffle your feet while walking in the water. Unfortunately Balandra has no bathroom or set food facilities. You can snorkel at several beaches too. La Paz has 850 species of fish. There is generally a guy who rents kayaks here.

USEFUL INFO: Take a bottle of vinegar or hot water with you
If you're ever stung by a ray or jelly fish, the best thing to do is to get your foot into hot water or drench the sting with vinager a.s.a.p. to lessen the pain. Tecolote

This is the most popular for the locals because it has kayak rentals, jet skis, quads, etc. It has 2 restaurants with washrooms and it has several bbq pits along the beach for the families to cook. It could get windy some days. Tecolote beach is located on the tip of the bay. You can sightsee Isla Espíritu Santo while lying on the beach. This spot is also the most touristically developed. You can find all type of watersports rentals, 3 sea food restaurants and the beach walk seems like it’s never ending. Young people and families combine here for a fun - filled weekend. Isla Espiritu Santo
Isla Espiritu Santo

Definitely take the trip to the Island, located in front of Tecolote beach. It has some of the best beaches in the world, top ten according to Travel Magazine. You get some great snorkeling and if you want to, you could swim with the sea lions. You will see impressive rock formations, beautiful private coves with turquoise water, and in your way there you are likely to see dolphins swimming along the boat. Cerritos Beach
Cerritos Beach

This beach is well known for its exceptional surfing and swimming. It is the perfect playground for the family as well as singles. There are some nice restaurants around and a hotel. This beach is located on the west coast about 40 miles north of Cabo San Lucas and just down the road from Todos Santos. Definitely worth a day trip.

- Neighbouring Towns -

Todos Santos
Todos Santos

Called “Pueblo Magico” (magic town), this is an artist colony and is worth a day trip. You can browse both traditional and unique art. Check out the Hotel California and have Rosemary Lemon ice cream. If you go down, drive a little further south towards Cabo and see the hammock factory and have lunch at Cerritos on the surf Beach. There are signs along the road to show where to turn off at around km 64 for Cerritos. It takes about 40 minutes each way to get to Todos Santos. Time your day so you don’t have to drive after dark. We also HIGHLY recommend for you to go to get the best drinks around at Arts & Beer, passing Cerritos, after a town called Pescadero. They have the most amazing Caesar - Clamato drink with 20 ingredients in it! And also, the 5 citrus Margaritas are the best. El Triunfo
El Triunfo

Located about 45 minutes on the road to San Jose del Cabo, its an old mining town, very very charming, with a quaint church and old brick chimneys. It also has a Music Museum and one of THE BEST restaurants in the Baja: Café El Triunfo. Great place with OUTSTANDING food! Make sure you try the Pizzas and the Turkey Sandwich and the Margaritas. Slow services, but trust me, its worth it. They also bake their own bread and pastries. La Ventana - El Sargento
La Ventana

Its about 45 minutes south of La Paz on Los Planes road. This is a small town, very popular for Windsurfers and Kiteboarders. Have a few good restaurants and stunning beaches. The further you drive through the town, you will find yourself on beautiful deserted beaches. Make sure you go to Agua Caliente beach, passing El Sargento’s big arroyo, its just amazing. This place has natural hot springs that people make by digging a hole right on the sand, and the water is so hot, you have to pour sea water on it. This is Sargento’s best kept secret.